The Siamang team spend varying amounts of time in different stages of ITSM projects and have done so for some time. We’ve also spent time in various industries, verticals and technologies. One thing we’re constantly coming across are failing projects. It is apparently too expensive to invest in the pre-work that is the key to success in any venture.

Is it really OK to spend extra time and money to fix things when they’re going wrong and compromise on quality (we’ll fix it in phase 1a)? In life, I have always believed in the notion of  ‘Buy Cheap, Buy Twice’ and I believe this to be true in ITSM too. The problem here is that it keeps happening. I have written about this previously and we’ve been talking about this within the Siamang office quite a bit recently too. I have my own ideas, but I think others can contribute. In manufacturing it was realised a long time (in the industrial revolution) that Quality has to be designed in and to fix something at the end can be disastrously expensive . Can anyone remember the original Pentium debacle?

What’s your experience? Have you found any ways to solve it? Share your thoughts with us.

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