Reaching for IlluminationSo we recently asked our readers and customers to tell us what they thought would make a good test plan.  

We’ve been heavily engaged in the testing of a system upgrade for a major UK household name and have been producing such documentation and what we found was quite interesting.

We’ll publish a part 3 soon, but our current struggles include the inability for our client to define a scope, even orally. 

We’ve had to start writing a scope ourselves in order to make progress, but have to admit that it is not exactly satisfactory. 

Our test plans typically follow a template, allowing us to rework much of our content – from the outline approach, through to similar entry and exit criteria (I say similar as this is a multi phased project with similar deliveries for similar applications).

Everything ties back into the initial strategy documentation.

For us, defining a strategy early will greatly assist in creating an aligned test plan later on – particularly in multi-phased programmes of work. #goodtestplan

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