This was more of an ad hoc post by myself, but this morning we’re hosting a training session for one of our major clients, run by one of our other clients.  Our second client is a supplier to our major client.

We’ve booked (and paid for) a large conference room – our office is within a shared space.  Whilst I’m not in the course, others are.  So we’re entertaining several people whilst we await the trainer.  We’ve had no phone call or text message and no reply to our attempts to reach out.

I’ve had sales people turn up late in the passed and they can’t understand why I’ve turned them away.  Those who know me know I hate lateness – It’s a childhood trauma that comes from my Dad always heading to the bathroom the moment we were due to leave.

As I write this I am told by our receptionist that he’s arrived.  No Apology either.  Time to nod and smile I suppose.

Have you come across situations like this?  Tell us about your experiences on our twitter or send us an email through our contact us page.

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