You probably don’t know this but Siamang have several different phone numbers.  Some that only our clients have (DDIs and Mobiles Number), some that are freely available (for example the number on our website).  Our suppliers have access to others.  We use a some numbers to screen calls – for example when signing up to promotions and the like.

We frequently receive sales calls and personally I don’t really mind. We’re all in it to make a living after all.  But surely there are ways to do things.  This morning I received a call on a screening line asking to speak to our IT Team from a company and person we’d never heard of telling us to call ‘ASAP Today’.  Do you think I am going to call them?  Of course not.  What compelling reason do we have?  We not a customer, they’re not a client.  Are they likely to be a client?  Unlikely.  How do I know this – Our IT team doesn’t sell anything or provide any external services.  Do we have an IT Team?  Sort of.

Cold calling is a necessary evil.  We tend not to do it ourselves, but outside of scammers (who I like to string along) we don’t mind receiving them that much.  But:

You need to give me a compelling reason to call back.

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