This post is slightly different to some of our others.  This time we’d like to know a little about your experiences and contrast them to our own.  Our expertise spans sectors, but is always in IT and Telecoms.  We have an encountered lots of different projects, from Product Launches, to

infrastructure to pure technology.  We have been given budgets set out in Dollars, Pounds and Euros and budgets set in ‘man-days’ (not my term).  Whilst as Project and Programme managers we’re used to and comfortable with working with contingency we have yet to actually come across a project budget that accounted for this.

We have yet to have a budget that other than going back to a programme board cap in hand planned for a changing environment or encountering obstacles.  We are yet to come across a budget where we really had to plan for risk and affixed a financial cost to that risk and either had it made available or returned it to the pot when a risk was eliminated.

I suspect that some or our readers have.

What are your thoughts and experiences?  Share them with us on our social media and we’ll write a new article based on our findings.  And I’ll tell you about the frustrations of a ‘man-days’ budget.