So, you’ve identified the need for a new ITSM system.  You might be starting from scratch (although that’s never really the case).  You might be upgrading between versions or procuring a system from a new vendor or implementing new tech.  But where do you start?

Sometimes it depends upon just why you need to change your system , but our experience tells us that one essential to being adequately prepared is understanding your ‘As-Is’ processes.  How you do business now, how your service desk operates and how the business operates and interacts with that service desk or service provider.

Why do we feel that this is an essential action?  Your ‘As-Is’ as will necessarily form the basis  of the ‘To Be’ processes.

Businesses need to ensure they are able to understand where they want their Service Management business to be when the new solution is implemented and how to implement with minimal disruption to the business.

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