We’ve just been having a conversation in the office after a discussion about customisations – there is a video being produced that talks about Upgrade Projects. One of the major danger areas in an upgrade is the existing level of customisation.

I am going to cut a long conversation down to a key point or two. We believe that is is more important to create effective business processes and empower your teams and people. Creating tool customisation isn’t always the right answer.

I think what we’re saying is that the you can’t use the tools to escape from managing people. We’ve noticed in certain circumstances – and particularly at the moment, people are afraid to manage people.

We have examples in clients, where there are multiple teams. And the over overarching team to manage the process won’t take action to drive the process where people have to be involved. They want the system to automate everything, to control the flow of data and process rather than measuring and managing people on their inputs into the system.

There’s a balance to strike as to whether a business needs to start managing their people in the right way, and ensuring that they’re being measured and rewarded (or not) on their outputs.

Is there value in spending money to do a customisation that requires years of maintenance that could become obsolete with a few years when their system goes out of date. What’s the right balance?

Is the customer looking at their business benefits? The cost benefit? To me, it would be cheaper to measure and manage people, add it into their KPIs, and ensure that people are educated at a team level as well.

As people get busier and busier is it sometimes just the path of least resistance because we can always address this in the future?  We’re not sure we know the answer.  What do you think?

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