Through the years of working with Remedy, it has often been stated that Remedy ‘isn’t Rocket Science’ and any tester can test it. I’ll be honest with you and say that this has irritated me to no end. I challenge that statement because Remedy might not be ‘Rocket Science’ but it certainly is a complex and powerful Service Management solution with many moving parts that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that the testing outcomes are delivered efficiently and effectively.


Testing is a skill that not anyone can deliver well in the first instance. A good understanding and strong appreciation of how the testing process is delivered can often be overlooked by projects in their drive to reduce time and cost of a project. Ultimately, when a project reaches the testing stage, there is a clear risk that testing won’t turn up all of the bugs that might have the potential to be found if the testing process is not robust and well executed.


Adding a product such as Remedy into the testing mix is an opportunity for issues to be significantly overlooked. Each of the applications within Remedy have their own set of criteria ranging from data, configuration and at times customisation. Understanding how this criteria maps to workflow of the application is key. When writing test scripts, this understanding is a pivotal requirement for how the test scripts evolve across all of the testing phases.


Some companies will bring their own business users in to test Remedy from the early stages of the project but unless they have had experience of using Remedy previously, they don’t add value to the testing workstream or the quality of the product because they are not Remedy savvy and commonly don’t have that appreciation of testing processes under their belts.


By using skilled Remedy testers across implementations and upgrades, there is the guarantee that the test process is maintained and the product knowledge will be utilised to identify the maximum issues and provide the maximum quality.


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