How often do people participate in lessons learned at the end of a project? And when you do, how confident are you that these ‘lessons learned’ are incorporated by the organisation(s)?

This weeks article (or musings if you prefer) are more about questions that answers.  As you know, we are an ITSM consultancy and as such operate in particular projects phases. 

Our work packages or project scope rarely encompass activities after the warranty period.  It has been extremely rare to be asked to participate in a ‘lessons-learned’ exercise.   

Recently, we’ve been coming up against certain common issues that have been encountered on previous pieces of work and wondered if this was unique to us.

So, tweet us @siamangltd if you have any opinions or experience that you feel might help or be relevant or let us know if you suffer the same.

Do you have lessons learned exercises; Does the outcome feed back into the organisation?  Does it changes things?  Am I talking to myself.  Please someone let me out….

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