As ITSM has evolved in recent years, there has been an appetite and ability to move towards ‘Out of the Box’ implementations where not a stitch of code is changed in the ITSM solution during implementation. But what is the reality of the ‘Out of the Box’ concept?

Across many of the programmes that the Siamang team has been a part of, it is quite evident that during the requirements phase, the customer can really only articulate based on what they now at the time about the solutions capabilities. This leads to requirements not being understood or captured.

The drive to deliver as an ‘Out of the Box’ implementation is strong, especially since delivering ITSM is so expensive and the ROI is the key acronym on most Programme Sponsors minds. Once the build and validate phase commences, things become clearer to the business as the flow of configuration and data are put to their paces as they flow through the non-customised solution.

During this time, the process is commonly worked on and refined to meet the new way of working. You can hear the light bulbs go off as it all comes together during the final UAT phase while the business users put their new way of working through it’s paces. It is here that issues are identified that show where the tool or the process will not meet the business requirements as it currently has been defined.

Quite often the way to mitigate against this is to step up the human process and ensure that things are being managed more at a human level such as reporting. We all know that this leaves room for gaps in the business process and can leave the business susceptible to further issues once operational. After all, humans are … well, only human and humans make mistakes.

All ITSM implementations are different from each other as organisations have their own unique configurations and data driving their ITSM solutions. If Out of the Box can meet their requirements without having to customise then this makes things more economical for them as the upgrade path is de-risked, resulting in version upgrades to occur smoothly. Of course, testing still needs to occur whether the implementation is Out of the Box or an upgrade.

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