As projects become more global, with project teams split across vendors, countries and even continents, the approach we take is increasingly important.  This becomes even more so when dealing with ‘follow-the-sun’ operations often found in multinational companies.

What are those key things?  Here, we’re going to cover three, although this is far from exhaustive and indeed, are not only applicable to global projects.

Clarity in process is incredibly important not only when delivering ITSM projects but also when delivering Service Management capabilities. In the case of delivering Service Management, the process should drive the tool and not the other way around. When delivering an ITSM Solution, good clarity in process should drive the delivery of the tool.

Ensuring that process is documented and communicated to geographically dispersed teams results in better delivery of tasks and a joined up approach across all teams. It can be challenging fostering a harmonious working relationship across teams in different parts of the world and by ensuring the working practises are aligned across all teams, it contributes towards a smoother delivery and within timelines.

In the next part of this discussion, we talk about Communication and Systemisation

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